FP1 left hemisphere Beta unsynchronised


FP1 and FP2 Beta wave entrainment


Theta wave entrainment in FP1 & FP2, low amplitude mV


IBVA UK is now BrainMachine
BMibva2013.jpg    BM2013hardware2ch.jpg

IBVA5 is the powerful and unique Mac software supplied for over 17 years for
brainwave monitoring, interactive Mind Music and 3D visuals for Mac OS X users
IBVA software description and images

Brainmachine is our new hardware giving more versatility with EEG sensors,
better battery performance (10 hours with AA size) in a compact bluetooth unit.
Potential to expand more channels of EEG with heart and muscle biofeedback.
And analysis for upto 8 channels with custom software for PC.

Four persons can connect simultaneously for interactive music, great for demonstrations
of meditation technique in small groups comparatively.Two persons can connect
2 channels each simultaneously with only one amp unit now, lowering the cost of
4 channel system much lower.

Contact Luciana Haill in BrainMachine for a quote and help today:

E   help@brainmachine.co.uk
M  +44 (0)7973 286 094
S   ibva_brainwaves
W  www.brainmachine.co.uk