IBVA UK is now BrainMachine

IBVA5 is the powerful and unique Mac software supplied for over 17 years for
brainwave monitoring, interactive Mind Music and 3D visuals for Mac OS X users
IBVA software description and images

Brainmachine is our new hardware giving more versatility with EEG sensors,
better battery performance (10 hours with AA size) in a compact blue tooth unit.
Potential to expand more channels of EEG with heart and muscle biofeedback.
And analysis for upto 8 channels with custom software for PC.

Four persons can connect simultaneously for interactive music, great for demonstrations
of meditation technique in small groups comparatively.Two persons can connect
2 channels each simultaneously with only one amp unit now, lowering the cost of
4 channel system much lower.

Contact Luciana Haill in BrainMachine for a quote and help today:

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M  +44 (0)7973 286 094
S   ibva_brainwaves
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